America wants you!

Ed’s weblog is a reliable source of political edification and enlightenment. You should go there regularly.

In anycase, a posting he made recently deserves some amplification. Ed cites this Guardian article reporting on Richard Perle’s resignation from his position as chairman of the Pentagon’s Defence Policy Board. This gentleman is also lovingly nicknamed “The Prince of Darkness”.

More importantly however, is the fact that Perle is cited as the principal author of a 1996 report titled “Clean Break”. This report, without so much as a blush, sets out a master plan that is designed to reshape the Middle East to be more compatible with the strategic interests of Israel. The course of action starts out with a violent shake-up of the current regime in Iraq, very similar to what we’re seeing now.

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Yes children, the word of the day is “BIAS”. This Reuters article reports that a chemical arms factory might have been found near Najaf. Fortunately, the article also tells us that this news comes to us courtesy of Fox News and the Jerusalem Post. I don’t have to say anything concerning the alignment of the Jerusalem Post with regards to Iraq, but for those of you who might not know, Fox News is unashamedly and quite subjectively pro-war and very much right-wing: in short, a propaganda machine that’s programming empty American heads with rubbish.

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I’m famous in Germany, just like my hero David Hasselhof

Chris Venter, a good friend of mine who’s spending some time in Germany working for Siemens, just told me that my Radeon DRI resume pages have been mentioned in an article in the April 2003 issue of Linux Magazin. The article, “Das Transmeta Crusoe-SDK im Kurztest”, doesn’t seem to be available online. This would also explain the sudden increase in hits and binary downloads from the resume pages. :)

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Small Victories

Oh, this is SO sweet. This morning a SPAM managed to get past my SpamAssassin installation. I immediately reported it to the four networks involved in its delivery and at least one has taken immensely pleasing action: “Dear Charl, Thank you for using ****! We have ternimated the account for ***\**.****.net. Thank you for reporting the AUP violation. Please feel free to email us with any questions or comments you may

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“In any conflict your fate will depend on your actions. Do not destroy oil wells, a source of wealth that belongs to the Iraqi people.” — Bush addressing the Iraqi people in a televised speech. I’m sorry, but I really find it very hard not to be very cynical about this carefully worded advice by Bush.

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My kingdom, my kingdom for S3 suspend to RAM!

After spending (wasting) this whole evening hacking on the disassembled ACPI machine language ripped from the firmware of my laptop (ACPI assembly language is strange), studying the stupid ACPI 2.0 specification and mucking around in the code of the latest BitKeeper snapshot of the latest 2.5 development Linux kernel, I am still no closer to a usable S3 suspend to RAM. The sleep button simply refuses to wake the laptop up: Maybe that’s why it’s called a sleep button.

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