Some of my unfavourite things

I was going to write about some of my favourite things, but unfortunately I had to read the news first. This article came to my attention. In short, Tom Hurndall, a member of the International Solidarity Movement, was shot in the head by an Israeli when he tried to rescue a small child from gunfire. He died shortly after in a nearby hospital. I have very little sympathy for the Israeli aggressors.

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Scum of the Earth

Computer Professionals. IT Stylists. Computer Engineers. I don’t know what their preferred labels are, but many of these people need a serious attitude adjustment, preferably in the form of a large hammer to be administered regularly to the head and other soft parts of the body. You know what I’m talking about: those people who work with computers yet think they’re somehow better than than the rest of us. Unskilled labourers who have made peace with the fact that they’re unskilled labourers are the most pleasant and genuine people you’ll find.

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Another small step on the way to S3 STR

Urgh, radeon frame buffer support in 2.5.66-bk12 (that’s cutting edge with some extra blood on top) seems to be completely broken at least on my laptop. After a little searching, it seems these drivers also seem to be in the process of a complete redesign. That’s a shame, as I wanted to try and adapt Benjamin Herrenschmidt and ATI’s 2.4 kernel PowerMac power management and suspend/resume code to x86 ACPI support in 2.

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America wants you!

Ed’s weblog is a reliable source of political edification and enlightenment. You should go there regularly.

In anycase, a posting he made recently deserves some amplification. Ed cites this Guardian article reporting on Richard Perle’s resignation from his position as chairman of the Pentagon’s Defence Policy Board. This gentleman is also lovingly nicknamed “The Prince of Darkness”.

More importantly however, is the fact that Perle is cited as the principal author of a 1996 report titled “Clean Break”. This report, without so much as a blush, sets out a master plan that is designed to reshape the Middle East to be more compatible with the strategic interests of Israel. The course of action starts out with a violent shake-up of the current regime in Iraq, very similar to what we’re seeing now.

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Yes children, the word of the day is “BIAS”. This Reuters article reports that a chemical arms factory might have been found near Najaf. Fortunately, the article also tells us that this news comes to us courtesy of Fox News and the Jerusalem Post. I don’t have to say anything concerning the alignment of the Jerusalem Post with regards to Iraq, but for those of you who might not know, Fox News is unashamedly and quite subjectively pro-war and very much right-wing: in short, a propaganda machine that’s programming empty American heads with rubbish.

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