Vis2005 day 1

Whooohoooo! We’re[1] here at the IEEE Visualization 2005 conference in the Minneapolis Hilton.

It being Sunday, we’re nursing our 7-hour jet lag and relaxing with a light tutorial, General Purpose Computing on GPUs. The team presenting this tutorial are some of the heavy-weights in the field and so far it’s quite interesting.

During the next few days, I’ll try and post an update or two. Rubbing shoulders with the Visualisation world’s Who’s Who obviously takes precedence over abusing the conference WLAN to blog like a nerd.

[1] “We” refers to Frits, Jorik and me.

2 thoughts on “Vis2005 day 1”

  1. Yo charl, for a visualization addict who is forced to de a “kold turkey” please fill me what is the hot stuff on the vis-conf there. Sadly i saw that steve roth died and that the community is paying there respect to him and his work. I think that is a good thing the infovis community did this.

    Besides that, are all vis apps now gpu powered or are is it to early for this ?

    Love to hear more,


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