This site is all about me, me and me. To be more precise, the private, non-work me.  Sometimes, there’s a bit of cross-talk between work-me and private-me, but I try to keep these two apart as far as possible.  Hence the voices.  The voices!!

If you’d like to meet some of the other MEs, also the more work-inclined ones, feel free to visit charlbotha.com.

My personal, non-work e-mail address is cpbotha@cpbotha.net, although I much prefer if you leave a comment on the relevant blog post.

(This blog is so old, it even has a history page.)

One thought on “About”

  1. Hi there,

    I would like to ask you about the nyartoolkit for processing, im currently using it on 1.5 as it is the most stable. I am wanting to ask you how to increase the resolution of the webcam capture without the 3D rendered object being disorientated?

    For the example resolution, 640, 480 the example code blue box sits “face on” when the marker is fully facing the webcam

    However if I try to increase the resolution of this webcam capture, the blue box no longer able to render ‘face on’ and flicks from side to side as if it has trouble to show it from its front face.

    Any ideas for this please? I am really need advice with this as it’s going to be part of an important project and i didn’t realise that even increasing the resolution would cause huge problems with the rendered 3d object.?

    Hope to hear form you soon,
    I am in quite an urgent situation with this.


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