The American Propaganda Machine

Most of us outside the borders of the USA know this, but nothing we do or say will probably have any kind of effect on the status quo: The American government is supported by an extremely efficient propaganda machine that ensures that the majority of its citizens will support it in its most barbaric of ventures. The big problem is that this propaganda machine consists primarily, contrarily to tradition, of “independent” media entities.

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Where should that dang button go?

So, here we have the Aqua Human Interface Guidelines (i.e. the MacOS-X user interface guidelines), the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines, the KDE User Interface Guidelines and of course the Microsoft Windows Official Guidelines for User Interface Developers and Designers (I came back in January of 2018 to fix this link — also interesting is the section on margins and spacing).

Apple says that “The default button for dismissing a dialog should go in the lower-right corner. If there’s a Cancel button, it should be to the left of the default button.”. Gnome seems to imply that the default button should be on the bottom right, with other buttons to its left, which is more or less consistent with the Apple guidelines.

Microsoft says: “Lay out the major command buttons either stacked along the upper right border of the dialog box or lined up across the bottom of the dialog box. Position the most important button — typically the default command — as the first button in the set.” The KDE User Interface Guidelines don’t seem to set specific constraints on this kind of button placement, but judging by many of the standard KDE 3.1 applications, the dialogs seem to follow the Windows convention.

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Cygwin CVS EOL problem solution

At this very moment, you might be wondering why, if CVS is such a wonderful piece of version control software that even offers to soothe your cross-platform end of line woes (*ix: eol = lf, macos: eol = cr, windows: eol = crlf), it’s suddenly breaking the end of line checkouts on the *ix side since you’ve been committing your ports on the windows side with CVS from Cygwin. The answer is fortunately far shorter and simpler that the previous sentence.

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The most useless software of the year award

As we all are aware of the frighteningly high editorial standards of (ha ha), I have to wonder how MumabAs was accepted. This MULTI-FUNCTION software is a GUI (graphical user interface) for, wait for it, “configuring which mailboxes mutt should watch for new mail”. Aaaaarrrggggghhhhh!!! For those of you who don’t know, mutt is a MUA (mail user agent) with a text-based UI. Usually, “configuring which mailboxes mutt should watch for new mail” is a question of editing one (1) line in the config file.

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Some of my unfavourite things

I was going to write about some of my favourite things, but unfortunately I had to read the news first. This article came to my attention. In short, Tom Hurndall, a member of the International Solidarity Movement, was shot in the head by an Israeli when he tried to rescue a small child from gunfire. He died shortly after in a nearby hospital. I have very little sympathy for the Israeli aggressors.

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Scum of the Earth

Computer Professionals. IT Stylists. Computer Engineers. I don’t know what their preferred labels are, but many of these people need a serious attitude adjustment, preferably in the form of a large hammer to be administered regularly to the head and other soft parts of the body. You know what I’m talking about: those people who work with computers yet think they’re somehow better than than the rest of us. Unskilled labourers who have made peace with the fact that they’re unskilled labourers are the most pleasant and genuine people you’ll find.

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