Halleluja, internet!

Four days ahead of time, the ADSL has been activated at my new house. I’ve been migrated to a different network operator (I used to be on the Tiscali network, now on BBNed) and the line has been “opened”. Distance to the exchange seems to have quite an effect, I’m connected at 5472 kbps downstream and 928 kbps upstream. According to http://pcdb.bbned.nl/, I’m 1.6km from the exchange. A rough calculation on my downstream attenuation of 46db, yields an estimated distance of 3.3km. I’ll sort this out later to make sure that it’s just the distance working me over, and not some misconfiguration somewhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really very appreciative of my prodigal link. Thanks to the generosity of the TU Delft, my gracious employer, it’s costing me the grand total of 5 euro-pesos per month, so I’m really not going to complain.

I have to go now, there are ZILLIONS of new torrents that need my love and attention.