infinite patience


You’re at work having a productive day, and you’re just about to start with a meeting that you really need to take part in. At that point you get a phone call that your cute-as-a-button daughter has regurgitated three days worth of lunch at the day-care and that you have to come pick her up pronto. What do you do?

You flip that huge red Infinite-Patience(tm) switch, smile, and go pick her up. After changing the N-th diarrhoea nappy (diarrhea diaper to the more American-inclined readers) that has been filled to bursting with nose-destroying evilness but has fortunately only started leaking, and having to catch yet more regurgitated dinner in your hands, you’re still smiling. When this happens again in a few weeks time, you just reach for that big red switch again.

I’m still working on the moral of this story. It has something to do with smiling, and also with patience.