News on the audio front

There are three issues I’d like to cover in today’s lecture.

Firstly, cheap headphones:

I needed a cheap set of new headphones for listening to music at work, so I made the huge mistake of buying Sennheiser PX20. My office mates can hear my music better than I can when I use these, that’s just how bad they leak. Advice: do not buy these. If a friend gives them to you as a present, terminate the friendship. (To make really sure that others searching for reviews on these headphones do find something and to make my message even clearer: Sennheiser PX-20, or PX20, headphones suck. Completely.)

Because I don’t give up that easily, I went and bought another cheap set of headphones, this time Philips HP-200 “Hi-Fi” headphones. Surprisingly, these are very good value for the few bucks that they’ll set you back! Comfortable, very rich bass, very acceptable leakage. They’re quite ugly though, old-fashioned ear warmers look far more hip.

Secondly, cool social networking / music site of the day:

Jorik, one of my office mates, pointed out the site (also known as Get yerself a profile, install a scrobbler plugin for your music player (these can be downloaded from and continue listening. After a few numbers, the site is able to build up a kind of a music profile up based on your listening habits. Based on this, you can explore similar music and connect with similar users. Cool! This satisfies both my addiction to social networking sites and to music.

By the way, this is my profile.

Finally, cool music player of the day:

Quod Libet is a RhythmBox/iTunes work-alike but does more and is written in Python, which means that its author is a genius. It also has a scrobbler plugin. Get it and play with it.

I’m done. Thank you.