DeVIDE routing

Because I am supposed to be writing my thesis, the WAB-side has been calling very insistently. Well, every so often, it’s just too much and I have to WAB for an hour or two. A great place to WAB is my baby^H^H^H^Hsoftware, called DeVIDE, which is a kind of a thingy with which you can do visualisation and image processing thingies easily. That is, if it doesn’t crash. Oh wait, it never crashes. *cough*

In any case, today I spent some time on the connection routing in the graph editor. In this screenshot, we have spline-based routing on the left and the normal straight line routing on the right. The spline routing is a new experiment. Does it look like a 4-year old built that network? What do you think?

Then of course there is the arty-farty routing mode of which a sample is available here. For some or other wacky reason, I quite like this.

I’d be glad to hear your opinions…

2 thoughts on “DeVIDE routing”

  1. I quite like these last two examples. You could fiddle with the splines a bit, if these are smooth enough then you could let them pass under the module blocks.

    Another thing that may help navigating/understanding a network is to colourise a module’s upstream/downstream neighbours when it is selected.

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