My laptop does not exist yet

I’ve determined exactly what I want in a laptop (he he he).

It shouldd weigh 2kg or less, it should sport a battery life of 3.5 hours at the very least, its processor should perform at at least the level of a 1.5GHz Banias, it should have a 5400 RPM, or faster, hard drive (in any case no Toshiba, thank you very much, they’re dog slow, even the ones with 16MB cache), the 3D graphics should support pixel and vertex shaders and should rack up at least 7000 on 3D Mark 2001, it should have at least 512MB ram at at least 333MHz DDR and the screen can be anything from 12″ to 15″.

Oh yes, all of this should cost no more than EUR2000, all inclusive.

As you might have guessed, this beastie doesn’t exist yet. The Asus S5200 comes the closest in all regards (even price!) but unfortunately makes use of the Intel 855GME embedded graphics functionality, so the 3D Mark 2001 score is around 2400. I’ll wait some more.