Prisoners are allowed to vote, I’m not

South Africa is a great country, but sometimes things can be completely crazy. It turns out that even prisoners can vote in the upcoming general election (it’s their constitutional right, apparently), but that I can’t, as I am working in a foreign country. Why are my constitutional rights considered less important? Is it because I don’t steal and pillage in my own country but earn a salary elsewhere?

I’m just wondering.

4 thoughts on “Prisoners are allowed to vote, I’m not”

  1. *Sigh* – At least Charlize Theeeeron won the Oscar.

    But yip, that which you reward – you get. It’s basic human nature. That which you punish or tax – disappears. Therefor if your criminals has more rights than law abiding citizens – OBviously you’re going to have a problem with crime. When you slap supertax on the people who actually PRODUCE something in this country and you reward the bergies with welfare grants and child support – OBviously you’re going to have a problem with unemployment.

    But then we do have a president who’s certain that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS and a health minister who preaches eating garlic to prevent the same afflication. Julle is almal fokken faktap.

    Anyway Cape Town is still nice and Charlize won’t be able to vote either.

  2. Still believe that you give up your rights once you’ve been locked up, including the right to vote.

    The ANC needs to give the prisoners the vote, seeing that it is a controlled environment for the government and they can basically do what they please.

    What’s funny about this, is that if you haven’t registered, you’re not allowed to vote, but go to prison now, and you can.

    According to this (, if you comply with certain criteria (i.e. attending a tertiary institution, holiday, etc.), you can apply for a vote, but this had to be done 15 days after the election date was proclaimed (11/02/2004). And only if you were already registered…..

  3. Hannes, I did read that PDF you quote and I know about the criteria. In short, those criteria are for people who are overseas because they work for the ZA government, or who are overseas because they’re representing ZA in sport or because they’re studying at a tertiary institution.

    However, as soon as you have a work permit overseas (it doesn’t matter if you’re a 100% full-blown citizen of South Africa), you can’t vote, no matter what. I quote:

    “If you are overseas on a *work permit* or have *emigrated*, you cannot vote.”

    I can understand the emigration bit, but *not* allowing South Africans who are working overseas to vote whilst convicted prisoners are allowed is utter bullshit.

  4. Charl, why don’t you let me vote for you? I’ve still got the moustache I used last election when I voted for both the Soccer and the Green Party (it was reeeeal hard to choose).

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