10 thoughts on “Emacs Code Browser”

  1. Not bad – starting to look like Visual Slickedit. But it will never quite get there. (Sometimes paying for software has its benefits.) http://www.slickedit.com – best editor IN THE WORLD. And it runs on anyting from Linux to ZX Spectrum. If you’re serious about coding you’re already using it so I don’t have to convince anyone ;-)

  2. Charl, you’ve mellowed out man! WOW. We tried you on your two known BIG RANT(tm) buttons, code editors and spelling/semantics. Neither worked. Impressive man!!

  3. Of all these types of (X)Emacs things, I found oo-browser to be the closest to my liking. I think it’s not very “standard” though.

  4. I did play with oo-browser (at S3, when I was still the only employee ;) and found it powerful, but far too obscure and high-maintenance. At least with ecb, I can get quite far just by clicking on stuff. :)

  5. I can recommend XEmacs 21.4 on Windows and XEmacs 21.4.15 on Linux, both with the latest xemacs sumo package tarball and the absolute latest ECB hand-installed from ecb.sf.net.

    On Windows there were some bugs with earlier versions of ecb, especially with the directory browser.

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