My ADSL gets another upgrade

It seems that (finally) my ADSL will also be upgraded at the beginning of April. The monthly fee stays the same, but my unlimited 1.5Mbit/s down and 256 Kbit/s up will be changed to an unlimited 2Mbit/s down and 1 Mbit/s up connection. I was quite happy with my download bandwidth, but the upload was getting a bit restrictive.

Now I’ll be able to upload home-made porn much faster to the pay-per-view porn site that I run.

2 thoughts on “My ADSL gets another upgrade”

  1. Jirre. Jy het 4x ons company se down b/w. Dis jags. (Terloops, die IEEE Spectrum het onlangs in interessante artikel gehad oor die 120Gb/s optical kabel wat tussen ons en Portugal lê. Die HELE AFRIKA gebruik net 3% van die kapasiteit. Hoekom? In SA: Telkom se monopolie, in Nigerië: Totale incompetence.) F*k

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