Bad, interface, bad!

Why do the clever people at Microsoft persist in labelling their buttons with “Ok” and “Cancel”, even when these words have almost nothing to do with the actions that will be performed when such a button is clicked? Take this dialogue for instance (I got to look at it many times as I was debugging an ITK memory allocation error with 700MB of data in memory):

It would be fantastic if one of the brightsparks up at Redmond suggested: “Hey boys, why don’t we rather label those buttons ‘Terminate’ and ‘Debug’?!” But they probably won’t, as labelling buttons with descriptive verbs is Apple territory.


One thought on “Bad, interface, bad!”

  1. The memory could not be “read”.

    I wonder what they mean with those quotation marks?
    What do you do with memory if you do not read but “read”? Sounds really mysterious to me – memory is read the Microsoft way, or what?

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