Daily Head Voices on Friday 2024-01-05: Café Zest

  • Woke up to gorgeous day in Betty’s Bay, spent first half on the beach
  • Spent second half of the day slowly packing up all of our stuff (not my favourite vacation phase), some drinks, and working in-between on stuffing the archaic wlziipsrv.fcgi into a debian bookworm aarch64 image. Mostly bunches of ugly new hacks to work around some of the ugly old hacks in wlziipsrv.
  • Scenic Clarence Drive route home, stopped at Café Zest in Gordon’s Bay for dinner. Yellowtail there was absolutely amazing! (thanks to GOU#1 who picked this jewel of a restaurant and made a reservation for us, all from the car)
  • At home, finally got wlziipsrv built. Am secretly hopeful it might even work. (need to hook it up to supervisord, then nginx, then all of the microscopy data)