Daily Head Voices on Sunday 2023-12-31

  • If you’re reading this, you’ve successfully made it to the last day of 2023. Congratulations!
    • My jokes about successfully not dying for another period of time are unfortunately starting to hit closer and closer to home. The bad jokes will continue until morale improves! (more about this later)
  • The tail-end of yesterday’s navel gazing about these daily posts involved looking into this blog’s Hugo configuration.
    • I really do like Hugo, but there is a substantial amount of implicitness and magic going on. See for example the logic behind sections: https://gohugo.io/content-management/sections/
    • My plan was to evaluate whether it would be worth it creating a whole new subsection of the site just for the lifelogs (nope), and also just to see in general what would be involved in addng more structure, with something like https://gwern.net/ being the ultimate form of personal website (a lot of work, and I’m not yet at the stage of life where I am able to invest that much time into this, although as I mentioned yesterday, I definitely want to get back to writing more substantial posts again soon).
  • Lovely family hike up to Leopard’s Kloof in the Harold Porter botanical gardens
  • Took it easy into 2024 with a family braai and an undisclosed number of craft beers.