Daily Head Voices on Saturday 2023-12-30

  • Woke up to overcast, rainy and windy day in Betty’s Bay
  • 11.4km run with hip niggle brought me to exactly X.0 kilometres for the year, where X was my modest kilometre goal. I was not sure about that .4 until after I had recorded the run. Whoohooo! 🥳
    • Hip niggle is currently not happy with me. Will deal.
  • Helped the electrician debug a non-functioning lights circuit, which turned out to be due to two disconnected load wires hiding behind the rail plate in the DB.
  • My current thoughts about this daily lifelog experiment here on this blog are:
    • it’s great having a daily logging habit; anything that encourages that is positive
    • posting on mastodon felt like the right mix of low (tech) friction and semi-ephemerality and obscurity (= low stakes) which really helped decrease the barrier to daily publication there
    • Although I worry a bit about the impact of these smaller, slightly more chaotic outputs on existing readers who are waiting for more substantial posts, which I do hope to start producing again soon, cpbotha.net is fortunately probably more than obscure enough to host these daily logs.
      • In other words: For now I’m just going to keep on keeping on.