Daily Head Voices on Thursday 2024-01-04

  • Pushed through to completion finally, the 2024 edition of the traditional yearly year transition blog post!
  • Added an about page for the Daily Head Voices / lifelog (an edition of which you are reading now)
    • How can I add this as a standard but discrete part of every DHV? Should I?
  • Noticed that I can upgrade my super humble Hetzner VPS + its extra storage for visible-orbit.org to a newer Hetzner VPS with 4 x ARM64 cores instead of 2 x AMD64 (according to benchmarks in total a small step up), double the RAM and enough storage for current needs for only a few cents extra per month. Benefit: Microscopically faster websites. Cost: Some time to modernize the configuration from ubuntu 18.04 to 22.04, perhaps even dockerizing everything in the process.
    • In the process of sniffing around, noticed that someone was bruteforcing the xmlrpc.php on medvis.org (thanks htop and puny VPS CPUs!), and so added a fail2ban configuration to iptables them into oblivion.
    • After that, took a deeper dive into the porting and modernization work. Biggest blocker looks like the super obscure wlziipsrv code I would have to rebuild for arm64 for the visible-orbit high-res slice viewer.