Daily Head Voices on Tuesday 2024-01-02: Culture of doubt

Religion is a culture of faith; science is a culture of doubt. – Richard Feynman

  • Went to the beach at just after 11:00. Brilliant weather which for Betty’s is quite special, so the place was absolutely packed.
  • Finally created org-capture-template to do the Daily Head Voices post setup more easily and more consistently, see below for the relevant element.
  • Thought a bit about writing and then self-hosting the tool that scans the cpbotha.net RSS feed and then performs actions, e.g. sending to Telegram, when new posts appear
    • Initial thought was Go, because small and self-contained (like my discord scihub bot and my eureka-alert RSS feed generator), but Python means much higher development velocity. Because it’s a script that will run every few minutes and then stop, RAM is less of an issue, and the official docker images https://hub.docker.com/_/python/ mean I don’t yet have to upgrade the ancient Ubuntu 18.04 on my VPS.
    • Next thought was rather to spend this time writing. Zapier free tier is working fine for now, will get back to self-hosting it later.
  • org-roam-node-find calls org-roam-node-read calls org-roam-node-read--completions calls org-roam-node-list, which always reads the full list of nodes from the sqlite database. Whyyyyy? When I do a semantic search using org-roam-similarity, I already have the small list of IDs. I only want to offer the user this small list, I don’t want to read the full list every time, and then remove everything except the list I already have – so much wasted effort. I’m really hoping d12frosted’s vulpea has something better…

org-capture-template to create DHV after prompting for date

;; select region around your private day notes, then C-c c l
("l" "Lifelog" entry (file+olp+datetree lifelog-org)
 "* TODO Daily Head Voices on %<%A> %<%Y-%m-%d>
:EXPORT_HUGO_BUNDLE: lifelog-%<%Y%m%d>
- Created \"TODO\" %U

 ;; - with org 9.6.6 :time-prompt is only honoured when target is
 ;;   "file+olp+datetree"
 ;; - I would have preferred just target "file" for this, but need
 ;;   time-prompt as I often only create post after the day
 :empty-lines 1 :jump-to-captured 't :time-prompt 't :tree-type 'month)