Daily Head Voices on Tuesday 2023-12-19

  • Made a Zapier Zap to send new cpbotha.net posts (picked up via RSS) to a Telegram bot called HeadVoices who lives on a Telegram (announce-only) channel named “cpbotha.net blog”.
    • I have not (yet) been able to pipe the post’s HTML to the telegram API so you can read more of the post there, because Telegram’s HTML mode is quite limited, and I would have to figure out to sanitise my post’s HTML. Don’t think it’s worth the effort.
    • My idea here was to show more ways in which folks can get cpbotha.net content, if they really want to, on the communication channel of their choice.
      • RSS and email remain first class citizens, but people do like their social apps!
      • It looks like RSS to Mastodon is also doable, although the Zapier way would not be as free as IFTTT or just running curl from cron. BTW, IFTTT seems to support only two active applets in the free version.
      • I’m getting serious rabbit hole feelings here, but do let me know if there are other channels where you would like to be notified of new posts.
  • After a few hours of driving, we ended up in Wilderness, one of our favourite places in the world.
    • Braai with long time great friends.