Weekly Head Voices #94: Into the wild.

  • This WHV deals with the weeks from Monday June 29 to Sunday July 19. I skipped an edition or two whilst away on vacation, as I was quite busy with, you know, being on vacation. So, about that vacation:
  • Last year I explained about the Kruger National Park, or KNP. Well, we went again this year, and again it was lovely. It helps that in the Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces, “winter” at this time of year seems to mean “lovely balmy days with temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius”. What completely and utterly seals the deal, is being surrounded by this particular permutation of natural vastness. You should go there to see for yourself, but here’s a taste:
elephant scene in the KNP
Elephants in some of the vastness that is KNP.
  • EXTREME-NERDERY BULLET: If you’re a Dvorak typist using Java-based tools on the Mac (e.g. Eclipse, IntelliJ, AppCode, and everything by JetBrains) you might have noticed that keyboard shortcuts fall on the spectrum somewhere between extremely wonky and plain infuriating. Besides that you now know that this subset of persons is not limited to just you, here’s an SO answer that I wrote up based on information in the JetBrains bug threads. In short, a long-standing (as in years) bug in Java on Mac means you have to use an open-source tool called Karabiner instead of Mac’s built-in Dvorak support.
  • Here, have a photo of a stealthy leopard to recover:
This leopard was stalking something, but then disappeared.
  • A Sunday lunch at the Thirsty Scarecrow led to at least two new discoveries. Citizen Beer, a craft beer brewery I have not ran into yet (it’s not for lack of trying, really) makes a pretty delicious amber ale called Alliance (their wonderfully-named Saboteur IPA is not too shabby either):


Very important discovery number 2: You can (and should) deep-fry Oreos!


  • I’m still terrible at these bullets, but I imagine they’re better than being faced by a wall of text. What do you think?

Right peeps, that’s it for this edition. I wish you a fantastic and especially meaningful week. If at any point you need a little pick-me-up, my baby giraffe is standing by:

A baby giraffe, because we all need one once in a while.