Weekly Head Voices #95: A wheel of good fortune.

The Cape Wheel with Table Mountain in the background.

  • NERD-ALERT: There are a whole bunch of awesome SciPy 2015 presentations online! I really liked these so far (due to good work and good presentation):
  • On Tuesday, I attended the monthly Helderberg Software Developers and Entrepreneurs meetup, which was a ridiculous amount of fun. As you might be able to see from the meetup page, there are mentions of wrestling. I’m still not sure which of the developer or entrepreneurial components contributed most to this occurrence (I observed, but chose to concentrate on beer and conversation), but my backyard anthropological senses are still tingling.
  • Sunday was one of those really difficult Winter days, so we spent it in the glorious sun at the V&A Waterfront. The highlight of the day was going up in the Cape Wheel, a beautiful engineering artifact with really stunning views:


Have a great week peeps!

P.S. If you’re on Android, disable auto-downloading of MMSes right now. There’s a new hack called stagefreight that’s possibly doing the rounds, and it’s a real doozy. With just your telephone number, an attacker can send you a specially crafted MMS and with that completely take over your phone (and hence your life) without your knowledge. For now, disable auto-downloading of MMSes. After that, if you receive an MMS, don’t touch it!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Head Voices #95: A wheel of good fortune.”

  1. Thanks for the SciPy 2015 links, spend a night watching useful presentations instead of netflix ;-) Can’t wait to do a little experiment with some of the latest stuff myself. Did you try VisPy yourself, and does it play nice inside kivy?

    1. Yo Gerwin!

      I have not yet had time to try out VisPy yet, I’ve only checked their scipy video and the examples and docs they have online. I’ve made a note to evaluate it the next time I have to give a modern graphics crash course. :)

      (Are you also playing with Kivy at this moment?!)

  2. So where’s episode 100 ? Cant leave us on a cliff-hanger. I think Homer S. was correct – “beer is goood” – I see you subscribe to the idea. LOL

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