Daily Head Voices for week 9 of 2024

Monday 2024-02-26

  • started the morning (and the work week!) with stupid indecision: Had all my work gear in the car, but chose to drive back home after dropping of GOU#3 for a logistical task which one of my other clan members would gladly have taken care of.
    • Indecision irrelevant against the backdrop: We had such a good time in the car first being on time (GOU#3 loves that), then listening to Skrillex together, then talking, and then performing our morning ritual of verbally attesting our super-infinite love for each other as I drop her off at school.
  • During highly technical demo outside of my domains, used perplexity in real-time to lookup various details as the demo was going on, and thus could focus on the really interesting questions for the presenter.
  • Between meetings, struggled a bit to focus in the focusy bits, but managed to do quite a bit of work eventually (with focusapp and some deep house) and even got milestones done.

Tuesday 2024-02-27

  • Super frustrated during the morning rush, because could not find running shoes at the critical moment when we had to leave for school
    • Reverted to backup shoes (old ones, with too many kilometres on them)
    • Good run in L&Z, but it took so long to disconnect from my shoe moment, in spite of really putting my mind to it. Succeeded a little bit at the end, shocked at the mental cost of something this trivial.
    • BTW, it was almost a textbook “not inside it’s on top!” situation.

Wednesday 2024-02-28

  • For once some Waking Up in the morning! (I once had a streak of more than a year. Currently happy if I do just one!)
  • Started the day in pensive mood (before and after the meditation) thinking about what I would like from the future
    • Naturally I wanted to write a note, so then I tapped out a topic in the daily list so that I could use org-roam-node-find-similar to surface similar notes from the past. I did find the correct historic note which I would not have otherwise, but then I got sucked into emacs config…
    • After extricating myself back out of Emacs config yak shaving, I did spend some quality time writing up my thoughts, helping to clarify them.
      • I don’t know the answer yet, but the direction I’m moving in feels good.
  • Lunch with inner circle friend and mentor DMW at No Way Jose was great thank you!

Thursday 2024-02-29

  • Run at shortly after 7. Legs did not really want to cooperate.
  • Got distracted by meetings day at work, so almost no writing in the daily. Now, [2024-03-10 Sun 18:35], I’m really sorry.

Friday 2024-03-01

  • Pool repair at my house. They are able to pump out all water, repair floor of pool, then pump all water back all in a few hours.
  • I have two ideas for the weekend
    • Build and publish a QRCode contact card generator using marimo and wasm
    • build a telegram bot to manipulate my org-mode database, e.g. adding tasks, searching for existing tasks and notes.
      • I don’t like this second idea, but it keeps on coming back to me.

Saturday 2024-03-02

Sunday 2024-03-03

  • After sunday morning coffee and scrolling, dug into marimo to see if there’s some way to create the WASM locally. There does not seem to be.
  • Scanned through https://core.telegram.org/bots to see (again…) what might be possible.
  • Actually, now I’m thinking about the idea of making a telegram bot that sends me random tasks from my org-mode every day. I already have a proof of concept in Python that uses emacsclient to expose org-roam nodes via API (see https://github.com/cpbotha/org-roam-canvas ) so I would probably follow a similar path, probably with something like org-ql. Does anyone know if something like this exists somewhere?
    • Apple’s Journal app, that suggests a new journalling possibility now and then, made me think that this could help.
  • In iTerm2, press the Option-Cmd keys together to make a rectangular selection.
  • Sublime lunch at Millhouse Kitchen with inner circle family
  • Back home, tried to get MobileOrg going again; looked promising, but then after successful sync ran into this bug with empty outlines in the app when synced via iCloud. 😥
  • Configured perplexity via gptel in my Emacs; I am especially interested in using perplexity’s sonar-online internet-capable models.