Daily Head Voices for week 8 of 2024: India Venster

Monday 2024-02-19 to Wednesday 2024-02-21

  • Prepared for and did business trip to Johannesburg with longest time friend FS.
    • Highlight was tripping with FS, and trip was successful to boot.
    • Only one night away, really missed the famjam.
  • Dealing with stomach issues this week, relatively mild but distracting nonetheless.

Thursday 2024-02-22

  • Short run this morning in school district. Not feeling 100%, but good enough for run and conditions perfect.
    • Did run into G-J on Reservoir road and had quick chat, serendipity! Lunch will follow.
  • Stomach getting better, but not yet in a good place.

Friday 2024-02-23

  • Ran into the Kagi sidekick proposal, which made me think about frontend-only search functions for my static websites
  • Spent some cycles today exploring ways to save a tweet so that it can be archived and searched offline
    • If I could just traverse the DOM tree, starting from the <article> or the parent <section>, and also gathering all of the applicable styles, I would be golden
      • Discovered three different paid-for chrome extensions that do exactly this. Small side-hustle idea right there.
    • MarkDownload extension for saving any page as markdown came quite close
    • Dev tools “capture node screenshot” saves to PNG. Would have been great if it could have done the same to PDF.
  • Had a lovely lunch with great colleague from 1999/2000 at Mont Marie in Stellenbosch.
    • Randomly reached out when I heard that he was back in this valley, super grateful for this enjoyable reconnection.
    • Remember, call up your friends!

Saturday 2024-02-24

  • Spent too many hours building a Tampermonkey script with which I can get tweet threads reasonably clean in order to print them
    • First time using Tampermonkey, good tool to have on the belt!
    • Twitter makes this a lot more tricky than it needs to be.
    • Ideally, people would stop using twitter altogether, but for the ML crowd, I still need to go there
  • Perfect dinner at Decameron in Stellenbosch with the family, because we had to take GOU#1 to a party in the region
  • Karpathy proclaims his love for Obsidian, very cool! https://twitter.com/karpathy/status/1761467904737067456

Sunday 2024-02-25

  • Thanks to serendipitous serendipity the previous day, took part in an unexpected and epic hike up India Venster with a lifetime friend (first hike together in the 90s!) and a fantastic new friend. Experienced maximal presence. Glorious.