The Bluedio Ci3 bluetooth earphones will probably not fit your ears either.

This is just a quick warning to anyone else considering buying the Bluedio Ci3 bluetooth in-ear earphones:

Due to their size and design, the Bluedio Ci3 bluetooth in-ear earphones will probably not fit your ears.

If you’re considering to buy them, make sure that you are either able to return them if they don’t fit, or that you’re able to test them out beforehand.

To illustrate the problem, here is a photo of the the right earphone, along with the supplied silicone cover and t-light tip (the large version), with a Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard as the background so that you can get a feeling for the size of the earphone:

The Bluedio Ci3 earphones are quite big. They rely on the t-light tips to stay in your ears.

The Bluedio Ci3 earphones are quite big. They rely on the t-light tips to stay in your ears.

The idea behind this design is that the so-called _t-light tip_ (the wing-like bit of the silicone cover) anchors the whole mechanism in your ear, so that the spout-shaped bit in the silicone cover guides the sound into your ear-canal.

However, I tried all three the supplied cover sizes, but the earphones keep falling out. I am able to fit the t-light tip correctly into my ear, but the driver part is so far from my ear-canal that the music loses all form of bass and sounds incredibly tinny. Even worse, the whole earphone eventually starts to fall out due to its heaviness. (I am 1.9m, that is 6’3″, with ears to match.)

Looking at the Amazon customer reviews of the Bluedio Ci3, it seems I am not the only one with this problem. Let me know in the comments what your experience was.

(Compliments to down here in South Africa, who are doing an absolutely fantastic job both with delivering goodies to your doorstop, but also with handling the odd return now and then.)

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