Weekly Head Voices #76: Someone is wrong on the internet.


I must be getting older.

During the past week, there were at least three or four occasions where someone was clearly wrong on the internet, and I dutifully started carefully crafting that brilliant corrective response which would inevitably spiral downward into the fiery depths of idiocy.

However, each time I stopped mid-answer, long before clicking the post button or sending the email, and switched to some other more valuable and less pointless activity. It was a strange feeling, but the eerie sense of having saved a bunch of time made up for it generously.

(I have to admit that there was one occasion, call it the fifth, where I couldn’t help myself and briefly took part in a Facebook discussion around a photo of a young man with some rather extreme facial piercings. I felt that I really needed to correct the other participants: I might not have any of my own body modifications, but I feel strongly about encouraging self-expression, and I think that the variety that it brings is important. There are other things that unify us, like love, respect and intellect. Yes, I’m a Vulcan Hippie. LLAP you fools!)

On the topic of age and the inevitable mid-life crisis, it seems technology has brought us the cure. GIANT WATER-JET-POWERED HOVERBOARDS!!

After a week of not-correcting-the-internet (good), lots of Python (good) and much face-palming at the South African Reserve Bank’s archaic view on intellectual property and exchange control (hopefully much more on that later), my weekend was of the fabulous middle-of-the-Cape-winter variety.

It started with some of this on Friday:

Skeleton Coast IPA, brewed by Jack Black in Cape Town. Highly recommended! Fire and wine not too bad either.

On Saturday, a completely unplanned and somewhat impulsive turnoff from the R44 right before Stellenbosch brought us to the vineyard Dornier. Some of it looks like this:

In the Cape, the summer is always trying to break through, even in the middle of winter.

Having arrived there, it doesn’t take much convincing to end up dining in restaurant Bodega, where the wine is very local (hey, it says Dornier on the bottles!) and is artfully paired with the delicious food. My lunch ended with these delectable cheeses, preserves and the Dornier Donatus White. I can’t remember the year, but it was a fabulous Chenin Blanc and Semillon blend which the DWR will hopefully soon be able to judge. I fortunately just managed to snap this picture in the midst of a gorgonzola-induced mini pleasure seizure:

Gorgonzola is my kryptonite.

(We spent the rest of the seemingly endless weekend scorching various types of meat, drinking craft beer and baking in the winter sun in Paarl. You can say many things about Paarl, but you can’t deny that it has a most excellent climate.)

Apparently, a few of this blog’s readers have been wondering what I really look like. (Well, actually no-one has. Ever. But they could have!) Clamour no more, small group of fictitious readers! This week, my youngest genetic offspring unit, or GOU#1 as we lovingly call her, brought me a drawing that she made. Internet, I give you me, through my daughter’s eyes:

8 thoughts on “Weekly Head Voices #76: Someone is wrong on the internet.”

  1. Internet, I give you me, through my daughter’s eyes.

    ah you’re GOU#1 has reviewed a little secret. All this pictures of beers, it comes with a price. You seem to have gained weight since you were last spotted in NL! No midlife crisis yet, GOU#1 would have used the grey crayon for the beard if that was the case ;).

  2. Looks like excellent times over there!

    And congratulations on the restraint, there are so many people constantly wrong on the internet, it is really not worth your time and energy :) Energy much better spent on blogposts like these ^^

  3. Compliments on that beard, Sir!

    As for the climate in Paarl: for my first two years there, I imagined myself a gardening-cycling-(recycling introducing)-tree-planting hippy who imagined that a world without air conditioners would reduce carbon emmissions and deliver us from our industrial sins. But after finishing a PhD in a sweltering 45 degrees (Celcius bitches!) I promised myself: NEVER AGAIN. So I have to politely point out that the Paarl climate is only conducive to good mental health when our sun has dipped well above the equator in those spectacular winter months.

    1. Thank you kindly Sir!

      You forget one important fact. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Paarl, hence 18 times living through the sometimes 40+ degrees (Celcius fools!) summers wearing my school blazer and tie. I think the experience melted my little DNA helixes, causing a mutation which has resulted in me only reaching full function in 40+ degrees Celsius. ;P

  4. Correcting people who are wrong on the internet is great fun, but indeed a bit of a waste of time. One could much better bet beers on who’s right and wrong with your friends who are close by. Whoever wins, beer will be drunk, and happiness will ensue.

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