Life update

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the M.Sc. defence of a probably soon-to-be-famous medical imaging researcher :) and the additional pleasure of chatting with a bunch of exceptionally pleasant BIGR people.  In passing, it was mentioned that I had not updated my blog in a while.  Together with the fact that my most recent posting (before this one) has to do with new computer hardware (blargh) and definitely doesn’t count as one of the better contributions in the illustrious history of this weblog, and therefore shouldn’t remain on the front page for too long, this has finally convinced me that I should definitely make a new posting.

So here I am.

It’s been, and still is, terribly terribly busy.  In addition to my usually well-populated agenda, I’ve been spending inordinate amounts of time on organising the VCBM 2008 conference.  There hasn’t been much left for anything else, hence the blog-silence.

Moving on, one would be justified in inquiring as to the exact purpose of this post.  Well, apart from exercising my verbage (I am allowed to, it’s my website :) and explicitly noting the pleasantness of recent company, I would like to mention that I should, since last week and Tuesday, have heightened resistance to yellow fever, hepatitis A, dyptheria, tetanus and polio.  One might now be justified in wondering about the exact reasons for the newly acquired powers of my immune system.  I could answer your well-founded curiosity with this, so I will.

Thank you for your attention.