I don’t like Graffiti 2

I bought my Tungsten E last year (2003) in October. This is a perfect little gadget and is still serving me well… however, Graffiti 2 really, REALLY sucks. Maybe the years of Graffiti 1 on my previous Palm IIIx are holding me back, but I just couldn’t get used to the new multi-stroke characters. Yech.

Today I finally gave in and downgraded to Graffiti 1 according to the included instructions and with the PRCs in this zip-archive. Bliss!

5 thoughts on “I don’t like Graffiti 2”

  1. Interesting! If I ever buy a new Tungsten, I’ll think of that. I too am completely used to Graffiti 1.

  2. Thank you very much for the link. Graffiti 2 is such a piece of crap! I purchased a Tungsten E yesterday to replace a broken m505, and I just couldn’t get used to make two or more strokes when there was a simple way to do it in my old device. As an example, the bullet character now requires FIVE strokes! Even worse, there are characters with too similar strokes (like “j” and the comma; most of the times I want the comma, the result is the “j”). I will not even mention the accented characters (there’s lots of them in my native language), that don’t work at all! How CIC convinced Palm that Jot was better than the original Graffiti is beyond me. Maybe Palm decided to focus on the general public, which doesn’t want to learn different (albeit simple) symbols. So, Palm chose to favor the big public, neglecting the power users. Ironically, all my friends (which belong to the “big public” group) use the virtual keyboard to type in their Palms. Some have pre-OS 5 devices (using the original Graffiti); some use new PDAs. But all of them use only the virtual keyboard. If this behavior reflects the way of most of the Palm users write, then Palm’s decision to change Graffiti not only didn’t convinced keyboard users to adopt it but also annoyed the power users, which were accostumed to a simple, effective and coherent recognition system.

  3. Thanks so much for posting these files. The NoCard version worked like a charm on my new Zire 31. It’s great to have “real” Graffiti again. Tricia

  4. Thanks for the great tip. I just purchased a used Tungsten E from a friend and HATED Graffiti 2. What a relief to have my REAL Graffiti back.

  5. I received a Zire 31 to replace my aging Handspring Visor and Graffiti 2 was a major annoyance. Thanks for your help in getting back my trusty old Graffiti 1!

    I just want to add that you don’t need a Pocket PC to beam the files. It worked with a Nokia phone too. I sent the files via Bluetooth to my phone, and then used infrared to beam them to the Zire.

    I might be looking for a similar hack to get Datebook+ back… I miss using floating appointments, but perhaps I should be using Tasks in Calendar instead.

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