Crash Different

MijKopThee, a popular Dutch blog, has a link to this cool clip of very, err, enthusiastic Mac user. Be warned, it needs a Windows Media 9 codec. Doh.

For your reference, I like Macs. *pet pet*[1]

[1] I’m petting my virtual Mac.

Update September 13, 2010: Charlette reported in the comments below that the clip linked to above has disappeared. Some searching seems to indicate that the below Youtube clip is the same:

2 thoughts on “Crash Different”

  1. I’m getting a 404 on the “cool clip” link ( now. Still, I’m very curious about your ‘mac’ experience, I’ve lost my initial enthusiasm (circa 2004 when OSX appeared to offer a great alternative to the oh so too many fads of Linux distros and Gentoo was my fav). I never give up on anything that looks good. BTW, I read your blog because of my interest i your work in Processing and ARToolkit, so no big deal if you gave up on the hackintosh as well.

    1. Thanks for the broken link report: I can’t remember what exactly the clip was about, so it’s going to be hard finding a replacement. :)

      With regard to my Mac experience: I’m less positive now than I was then. :)

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