I’ve just been reloaded

Finally I too went to see Reloaded. We went to a particularly cozy little cinema in Delft called The Apollo. This is a “Service Bioscoop”, meaning that you have a little table in front of you and can press a button to have a waiter pop by and serve your favourite drinks and snacks. Smoking is also allowed. As we haven’t been taking part in this in- and exhalation-driven activity for a while now, this point isn’t so high up on the list of advantages, but it definitely does contribute to the cozy atmosphere. We will most definitely be going back there… In case you were wondering: No, the big screens and digital sound systems of the surrounding cities are unable to drag us away from our beloved Delft, thank you. There’s nothing like taking a relaxed walk back home from the cinema along a Delftse gracht.

Iiiiiin anycase, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Wanting to read someone else’s interpretation afterwards, I stumbled upon this much quoted analysis: Corporate Mofo Reloads The Matrix. It’s short but chock-full of philosophical goodness. If you haven’t read it already, it’s definitely worth at least five of your precious minutes.

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  1. Kinda like the Independant Armchair Theatre in Obs? Hmmmmmm.

    IMHO: The Matrix was a load of hogs-trollop. It was too stooped in bad rhetoric (I know, I too am a _really_ bad poet), circular arguments and there is just NO PLAIN EXCUSE FOR BAD CGI with the budget they must of had. Look how many imaging companies they used. Eish.

    I did enjoy the Frenchman though.

  2. Now now Will…

    I too thought the Merovingian was a delicious character. I must admit that his French accent sounded terribly construed. However, it turns out that Lambert Wilson was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine (it is left as an exercise to the reader to determine in which country this is situated) and is indeed a true francophone. *cough cough*

    You are quite a critical bitch. What did you think of the Corporate Mofo analysis though?

  3. “In religious iconography, being shown beneath an arch is a traditional sign of divinity”. What bollocks. In renaissance art, the arch was a nifty way of framing the piccie.

    “contrast sacred and profane love”. Huh? They are engaged in extra-maratal nookie! This contrasts rather that Neo probably can’t dance.

    “Architect said Neo “has already” made a choice—but what was this choice?” My guess is that he has chosen to avoid obvious rhetoric, for our sake.

    “His ability to multiply is reminiscent of the demon Jesus exorcised”. There were actually thousands of the horny devils, not one. They were just organised in to one legion, like an army. This is a daft correlation.

    “Of course, any world in the movie is false—it is, after all, a movie” Aha, yeah.

    “Neo’s five previous incarnations represent the Five Books of Moses that make up the Old Testament.” Huh? This explains nothing and is counter to any incarnation of Neo being, in fact, “neo”.

    Bugger it. There is more rhetoric and “Sophie’s World” philosophy here than in the movie. In any case, nothing can make up for the fact that they used very very bad computer graphics. On their budget this equates to Original Sin with the mouse cord representing the snake’s body holding the mouse, or apple, up for your right hand being Adam. Here, God is the monitor and is watching what you are doing and logging all those connections to porn sites before notifying the sys-admin with his flaming sword.

    See? Anybody can write this crap.

  4. I agree with you that it is nice to have drinks served to your seat in the cinema. Another advantage of this “service” approach is that they don’t have an interval in the middle of the movie (usually for the purpose of making you buy drinks at the bar).
    I disagree with you on the point of the cigarette smoke contributing to a cozy atmosphere though, or was that meant ironically?

    About the film itself: I completely agree with you on the crappy, pseudo-philosophical dialogs. However, I thought the graphics were not that bad…

  5. When you compare this slop of hog’s tripe to recent movies like X-Men2 or even, God forbid, Harry Potter then there is just no excuse. The physics are all wrong, the texturing is flat and it looks amateurish (apart from being repetative). Looks like they skipped the final rendering pass.

    Let us all remember the valuable lessons learned in T2.

  6. Well, I dun fink the pictures were pretty, but the story were a bit shite.


    fight fight fight talk fight fight fight talk fight fight talk pomp fight fight fight talk fight fight fight.

    C’mon Charl, dare you to call *me* a critical bitch, punk-ass!

    It’s probably worth re-seeing Reloaded at the IMAX, if only to see whether it will (as I suspect it might) induce tonic-clonic seizures, or at the very least cause me to throw up on my shoes in admiration at the spectacle.

  7. fight fight fight *yawn* talk huh? talk shake fight fight recognise-same-fight-scene-from-earlier talk *yawn* talk fight fight hang-on-this-fight-scene-looks-familier-except-there’s-a-truck-in-it fight leave.

  8. Ben and Will, you’re both extremely high-maintenance and critical bitches.

    Whatever happened to suspending disbelief for an hour or two and enjoying the flight of fancy? It’s not so difficult disconnecting oneself from the pretentions of one’s deliberately contrived complexity and becoming a kid again, really.

    Then again, if you weren’t the whining bitches that you are, you wouldn’t be you! *sniff*

    ps. ;)

  9. Charl, I’ve nothing against suspending disbelief – hell, I do it for hours at a time when I look through my code and think “shit, did I *really* write this slop?”

    I was…disapointed…with Reloaded. Parte the Firste was something different and new. There were high expectations for the sequel, and they were not fulfilled.

    There, not such a critical bitch this morning, am I?

  10. I, on the other hand, am a crusty crabby appleton today and will not back down easily. Flights of Fancy and Suspended Disbelief are for late night boozy sessions at Teazers. X-Men 2 made me a kid again. Matrix Reloaded made me dislocate my jaw in a suprisingly large yawn. My attorney says I could sue.

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