A blacksmith and a lumberjack walk into a bar

Jack Black brewery’s Lumberjack is an amber ale craft brewed in Cape Town. As bottle designs go, this one is pretty metal:

Amongst a number of impressive-sounding statements, the back of  the bottle concludes with:

Lumberjack has a sturdy malt driven backbone packed with loads of roasted malt. Huge hop additions intensify the piney-citrus aromas of this full flavoured ale. A beer for the brave.

After reading that, who does not want to drink this beer for the brave?! Based on extensive testing, I can report that this is indeed a full-bodied beer that deserves and rewards your full attention.

The Blacksmith’s Kitchen is a vineyard restaurant in Paarl. It looks like this:

The views from the outside tables are quite beautiful:

Weather permitting (which is very often in Paarl), this kitchen is absolutely worth a visit.