2011: A Cyber-Suburban Odyssey [Weekly Head Voices #35]

In spite of last year’s Space Odyssey also not quite panning out as Kubrick and Clarke might have hoped, I had a great year. Sure, it had its fair share of curve-balls, but in terms of personal growth (am I even allowed to use that term? I hope the cliché police are still on vacation) I am most satisfied. My traditional year-end vacation, as per usual filled with family, friends (slightly less than usual due to genetic offspring #2 related constraints), sun, sand, beer and deep thought, helped wonderfully in my subconscious processing (the most important kind) and integration of the past year’s events.

A boat peacefully floating on the calm waters of the New Harbour in Hermanus. The sky was more blue and the water more azure than you can imagine. Accompanied by S+R, I was experiencing what can only be called a perfect day.

I’m still working on my New Year’s resolutions, because I think it’s important to have excuses spend time thinking about one’s ways. There’s something in there about more concrete planning (I’m working on a secret list of milestones for 2011), and also about spending more time each day on the important tasks as opposed to the urgent tasks. How about you?

May your journey in 2011 be at least as cool as the cyber-suburban odyssey I have planned! To get you in the right frame of mind, here’s a track from the Daft Punk soundtrack of the new Tron: Legacy movie:

P.S. I’m so old, I still vividly remember the first Tron movie. It played a significant role in the shaping of my young character.

P.P.S. I’ve put my beloved E71 in storage and am now the proud owner of a charge-me-3-times-per-day-please HTC Desire Z micro-laptop with built-in phone. I’m going to try and write a post about it soon. Short story: In spite of the battery, I’m in love again.

P.P.P.S. Go and memorise Wikipedia’s list of common misconceptions. Go around correcting as many people as you can. Make new friends!

P.P.P.P.S. For the fetishists amongst you, here is the yearly my-feet-on-vacation photo:

My feet having a good time at the almost-Infinity pool on the roof of the Chapman’s Peak hotel (you really have to go there).