The 2009 to 2010 transition post.

Holiday feeling.

Yes, that up there is my foot. Next to my beer. On my balcony. Overlooking my ocean and my clouds…

It was a ridiculously lovely holiday, with the only drawback that I wasn’t able to take more people along on it. Fear not, soon my Master Plan will come to fruition, in which my significant other will become famously rich and I’ll be able to charter a Family and Friends Boeing (or an Airbus, depending on the rules that govern such things at that time), and you’ll all be able to tag along on my Ridiculously Lovely holiday. Fear not, for I will not forget you.

2010 is now upon us. This year, I plan to create value, in as many ways as I can. I have resolved to meditate more often. I have also resolved to spend more time on meaningful communication with friends and other appreciated humans. May you have exactly the year that you desire, or the one that you need.