My new home on the interwebs

DNS changes are  still propagating for various domains, but this post is definitely coming to you from my new home at WebFaction!

Over the past two days, I’ve migrated a number of domains that I host from anhosting to WebFaction.  At anhosting I had 30 G of disc, 750 G of bandwidth (seems they’ve gone all unlimited now) and great support for a few dollars a month (that’s about 10 eurocents :).  At WebFaction I get 20 G less disc space and 150 G less bandwidth for some dollars more per month!!  Great deal right?!

I was quite happy at anhosting, but WebFaction really makes my big old geek heart beat much faster.  There’s a real community on the forum, support personnel seem to be mostly rocket scientists and the technical setup is simply awesome.  Being a Python-shop (bonus points), they have created their own control panel with which almost everything can be easily configured, including unholy mixes of dynamic web applications and domain redirection.  They even make available a Python-friendly XMLRPC api with which control panel functions can be programmatically invoked.  I used this to quickly configure my email forwarding configuration for example.  Besides all of that, the Django support is superb!

The bottom-line is: If in fact you are also a high-maintenance nerd trapped in the body of a, err, high-maintenance nerd, WebFaction is worth the few dollars more many times over.

_(p.s. If you were to decide to move house as well, and you were to wonder which affiliate name you could use during signup, you could consider “cpbotha” (that’s mine, doh) or you could just signup via this link. )