A nicer foldable paper CD cover generator

Here’s my nerdy DIY tool and tip for the day: With a single sheet of A4 (or letter) paper, you can fold a sleeve for any CD or DVD.  This is ideal for those CDs lying around where they shouldn’t, and also for gifts of pirated software and music (harr harr).

I’ve made a web-app (CGI) that will generate a PDF with folding lines and labeling text, including titles, descriptions and track listings, that you can print out and fold to protect your most beloved optical media in a unique yet stylish fashion.  Click here to go to the webapp, please come back to this posting to leave a comment!

10 thoughts on “A nicer foldable paper CD cover generator”

  1. Wow…that’s amazing!
    Where did you get the idea (-;?
    Still…I would prefer if a good friend personalized the dvd rap and making it a very special gift for a very special friend by folding it in his own very special and unique way, don’t you…?

  2. It would be great if the CGI download could give a filename hint to the browser, e.g.

    print “Content-Type:application/x-download”
    print “Content-Disposition:attachment;filename=%s\n” % filename

  3. Hi there Stefan!

    Yeah, that’s probably the more well-known design, but I kept on botching the funny “mountain” fold, so I chose a more simple version.

    Aaah, thanks for the tip! I had:
    print ‘Content-Type: inline; filename=%s\n’ % (filename,)

    Which doesn’t work. :) I’ll integrate your suggestion…

  4. Works like a charm — thanks!

    The plan from the other URL mentioned also lack some common sense. Why would I use an iterative folding algorithm (folding at home? :P) to divide a piece of paper in 5ths when I can just insert the CD and fold the paper around. Oh well, now I’ll just print them :-)

  5. Feature request: die deng werk nie so lekker met lyste nie.

    As jy doen:

    1. item 1
    2. item 2

    dan strip hy die newlines, maar as jy doen

    1. item 1

    2. item 2

    dan strip hy nie die newlines nie maar dan vat my teks te veel plek op.

  6. Yo Albert!

    That’s not a bug, it’s a feature! :)

    Dis omdat jy moet doen:
    * 1. item 1
    * 2. item 2

    Die sterretjie sê dat hy die reels onder mekaar moet sit (i.e. nie moet fill nie). Hy haal die sterretjies self weg.

    Is dit so ok?

  7. One would think that being a WWW-CD-WML-CGI-PDF-thingy is challenge enough in itself, but I see the demands of modern living ever increase.

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