Even more GMail (also for domains) storage for free!

This official GMail blog post announces that the GMail storage counter will be increased even faster… let’s have a look at my gmail.com account:

You are currently using 1541 MB (52%) of your 2911 MB.

What I find even more exciting, is that Google is going to give the free GMail for Domains accounts, which until now were limited to 2GB, the same space counter as normal gmail.com accounts.  As some of you might know, I’ve been rerouting all my work mail (mostly tudelft.nl) to my medvis.org GMail for Domains account.  I have yet to come across a MUA that suits me better than GMail.  Let’s have a look:

You are currently using 415 MB (14%) of your 2910 MB.

Yep, upgrade has already taken place.  Yay!