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For work (which I’m not supposed to talk about here, but what the heck) I often read and comment on other people’s work. Often this is done with a good old-fashioned red pen and a paper version of the manuscript in question. However, it can be very convenient being able to annotate the electronic version directly and, it can be argued, this does its small part in Saving Trees(tm), which in turn impresses certain types.

PDFs can be annotated with the costly full Adobe Acrobat package. Up to now, I’ve taken the cheap-assed path and used the free FoxIt Reader to do my thing. The only draw-back is that the free version leaves a silly watermark on every page one modifies.

Enter the free PDF XChange Viewer, recently brought under my attention by the great freewaregenius blog. As you can see in this screenshot (click for the full res version):

… one can annotate and even add text to one’s heart’s content, and there’s no watermarking!

On a completely unrelated note, we were in the Delft city centre for the last day of the Mooi Weer Spelen 2007. I took some photos and even geotagged them for you, so that you can see exactly where they were taken in software that supports this, for example Picasa and Google Earth. Click here to go to the photos.  Especially check out the video clips of the actors swaying dream-like above the market square.

Oh yes, I’ve also been bitten by the crackbook bug. Durn.

(I have been able to link up with a number of people I haven’t seen more than 15 years, which almost offsets the disadvantages of being addicted to this truly nasty social networking monster.)