MoonEdit (and my new website)

I was just chatting to Jorik who was on about ME this and ME that. So I’m like, “what’s ME”. So Jorik’s like “ME is MoonEdit, a real-time collaborative text editor”. So I’m like, “Oh wow, that’s like SubEthaEdit, the application I’ve secretly been admiring but haven’t been able to run because of an acute lack of MacOS hardware”. So he’s like, “I don’t know what SubEthaEdit is.”

Well, it turns out MoonEdit is a collaborative text editor (see the movie on their website!), a little like SubEthaEdit, somewhat less slick, but available for Windows and Linux. Go play with it. Collaborative text editing is da bomb.

On a completely unrelated note, my website has been reincarnated as a MoinMoin wiki. Go look! I am quite happy. It’s exactly the kind of CMS I was looking for.

5 thoughts on “MoonEdit (and my new website)”

  1. Your new site looks very nice, Charl.

    So what do you do with MoonEdit? I downloaded SubEthaEdit a few months back because it looked cool, but then I couldn’t think of anything to do with it. Also nobody else uses a Mac, so I had nobody to play with :-(.

  2. Yoohoo Ed! Well, we were working on a draft of a document by Jorik, really cool.

    I forgot to mention in my weblog that your site showed me that a-wiki-as-a-website is a Good Thing(tm). Thanks!

  3. “Every co-author can edit the shared document at any time, from any place, and at the same time!”
    “Every user has their own color. Every cursor movement and text changes are simultaneously visible on the screen by all users.”

    Why the fuck would I want to do that to myself? It’s easier to jab a mielie-fork in my foot.

  4. I tend to agree with Will – even if only figuratively (no need for forks).

    The *idea* is geeky (ie. cool), but I edit text in order to feed the text to a compiler, which doesn’t care that it is a raspberry loop or banana goto, but *does* care wether you think it is ripe for compilation.

    Help me out here, what are you using it for?

  5. I found it very useful for co-editing a LaTeX document. You could for instance imagine writing a proposal or design document together (whilst Skyping). Sometimes using CVS as a way to bounce a document around is just too klunky, and this is for those occasions.

    It is geeky, but in some cases very useful too.

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