Science: Really not just for scientists.

The public’s unwillingness to learn basic scientific concepts and scientists’ inability to communicate those concepts lead the public to reject promising research (such as genetic modification), ignore serious problems (such as global warming) and embrace dangerous nonsense (such as anti-vaccination rhetoric).

— Proposition from the Ph.D. thesis of Dr Wynand Winterbach, via Francois Malan on Facebook.

(This important message was brought to you by, trawling facebook for interesting tidbits so you don’t have to!)

What a country!

Exactly ten minutes after having made a single discreet phone call, a truck arrives at one’s house with thousands of pieces of lovingly chopped braai wood. The amount of one’s choosing is then lovingly yet efficiently stacked right by the holy altar of meat scorching, after which the truck leaves on its next mission.


(P.S. The wood is rooikrans.)

A blacksmith and a lumberjack walk into a bar

Jack Black brewery’s Lumberjack is an amber ale craft brewed in Cape Town. As bottle designs go, this one is pretty metal:


Amongst a number of impressive-sounding statements, the back of  the bottle concludes with:

Lumberjack has a sturdy malt driven backbone packed with loads of roasted malt. Huge hop additions intensify the piney-citrus aromas of this full flavoured ale. A beer for the brave.

After reading that, who does not want to drink this beer for the brave?! Based on extensive testing, I can report that this is indeed a full-bodied beer that deserves and rewards your full attention.

The Blacksmith’s Kitchen is a vineyard restaurant in Paarl. It looks like this:


The views from the outside tables are quite beautiful:


Weather permitting (which is very often in Paarl), this kitchen is absolutely worth a visit.