I hate spammers. Really.

Some prick has been sending out tons and tons of spam with my ieee.org email address spoofed as the from address. This means I have been getting tons and tons of “delivery failed” mails, as obviousy many of the addresses in the moron’s database are not valid.

I know that he/she has been spamming from a tiscali.it ADSL PPP address via a tiscali.it mail server, but mails to abuse@tiscali.it have had absolutely no effect.

I really, really hope that this spammer dies a very slow and painful death due to some extremely evil genital disease. I’m willing to wait.

3 thoughts on “I hate spammers. Really.”

  1. Short-sleeve stripy shirt thingies hmmm…. maybe you both should stop scribling your email addresses in public toilets and all this shit will stop…

  2. this kind of spam is punishable under italian law, being italian and having gone thru the pains of being spammed on my own blog i know this for sure. you can get up to 250euro from the sentence against the spammer. let me know if you need further help.

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