14 thoughts on “The Poor Man’s Ergonomic Laptop Stand”

  1. That’s COOL!
    I just saw a laptop stand in a mail order catalogue the other day, which cost 55 Euro! What a rip-off for just a piece of plastic… (ok, perspex)

    Yours is not only cheaper, but also looks nicer!

  2. You see, Charl, all you needed to do was apply your brilliant mind to the problem.

    Oh, and thanks for telling everyone where you got the idea to make your own.


  3. The only complaint I have about your Poor Man’s Laptop Stand, is that you didn’t call it Poor Man & WOMAN’s Laptop Stand! ;-)

    I needed something done about my laptop situation today, and, not having the proper equipment or know-how, you gave me the idea to temporarily put something together with 3 boxes of paper stock, that I duct taped together into a triangle, and then taped a thick chunk of folded up cardboard that I used as the little shelf! (With a giant ball of tape underneath the shelf as well, to prop it up, just in case!)

    My husband will put the real deal together as you have shown on your site later, but for today, I am happily typing away on my ergo keyboard with my laptop propped up as nice as can be! LOL!

    Many thanks for your help, you are a genius!

  4. Wow cool! Don’t forget to take some photos of your design (maybe even your husband’s version)… I would love to put these on my site as well (with due credit of course).

  5. Very nice concept. Add some color design and decoration to the stand and it will be piece of art. One suggestion I have is to reduce the depth so it doesn’t take up toom much desk space. I would propose slicing the “weird-ass pyramid” in half.

  6. I want to buy one of your laptop stands. Name your price. I do not have the ability to make one myself and it is almost exactly what I am looking for. Let me know if you will do it.

    If not, do you know of any commercial providers of this type of stand? Can you send me the URL?

  7. Nice one Charl! I sent the missus down to get the goods, she will have it made by lunch time today. But it will be a poor womans version.

    On a serious note – bought the materials I will be replacing the freaky model I have with your model by close of play today.

    Thank you.

  8. Charl, thanks for the inspiration. About a year ago your posting inspired me to make my own poor man’s ergonomic laptop stand. It was a bit different to your one, but people liked it so I starting manufacturing. Now I’ve got MkII on the market at http://www.laptopeasel.co.uk

    Thanks again.


    Malcolm Macaulay

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