Two more reasons why Italians are the happiest people in the world


Chop up two or three ripe Roma tomatoes, the best you can find. Chop some red onions and fresh basil. Add it all to a bowl, add some of the best extra virgin olive oil you have and mix it all up with freshly ground black pepper. Get some ciabatta or similar (any nice potentially toasty base), rub with a bit of that extra virgin olive and oil and put it in the oven to toast litely (220 degrees celsius should be about fine).

Get the toasted ciabatta out, lovingly rub on freshly chopped garlic. Now spoon over the tomato, red onion and basil mix. Go outside and enjoy the bruschetta with some good white wine.

Spaghetti con Frutti di Mare

After the Bruschetta has digested for a bit, go back into the kitchen. Chop up some more of those ripe roma tomatoes, three or four this time. Crush some more fresh garlic. Saute the garlic with some olive oil in a pan. After a minute or two, add the chopped tomato, some parsley and a few tablespoons of white wine. Simmer this lot until it reduces. 10 to 15 minutes should be fine.

Now add a mix of mussels, shrimps, baby octopuses and whatever else you like. This is the frutti di mare, stupid. Cook this for a few minutes. You were of course clever enough to cook some good spaghetti perfectly al dente in salted, olive-oiled water. Toss the spaghetti and the tomato, parsley and seafood combination together and make sure that they combine well. Add more black pepper to taste.

Enjoy the spaghetti and remember to drink more wine.