I finally broke down and ordered that laptop: Promedion (Clevo) 5600 with Northwood P4 1.8GHz CPU, 256MB DDR ram, 30G HDD, 64MB ATI Mobility Radeon 7500, 15″ 1400×1050 TFT, 3 year on-site.

When I get the thing, which should be in a week or so, I’ll make sure to write up a detailed review and document the laptop’s transcendence to the next level of computer consciousness (i.e. the Linux installation). Fortunately I didn’t have to pay the Microf*ck tax (the forced inclusion of a Microslop OS) like with so many other mainstream notebooks.

One thought on “Bliss.”

  1. Moet sê dit lyk fokken pragtig. Maar ek het my illusions oor die voordele van mobiliteit verloor. Dis net vir SO lank cool om in die coffee shops tetris te speel :) PW

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