Spotify2AppleMusic Chrome Extension

Spotify2AppleMusic is a Chrome Extension with which you can easily copy any shared Spotify playlist into a new playlist in your Apple Music library.

You can post any questions / compliments to the Spotify2AppleMusic email / web discussion group. If you have questions, please search the group using the search box at the top of the group page before posting.


The extension is free, but tips are greatly appreciated!

30% of what you donate will go to a local South African charity. I tend to choose ones with an educational theme.

The rest will go towards my (expensive) coffee habit and the yearly Apple Developer subscription I now need to keep this extension alive.

Paypal with 4 easy options:

Paypal with an amount of your choosing:

Ethereum address

TBD. Mail me if you need this, which will expedite the process of me putting the address up here.

Top contributors

None so far.

Charities contributed to

From this app, none.

Planned improvements

  • Improve algorithm that matches Apple Music tracks to Spotify tracks. It’s now quite rigid, and hence sometimes misses songs it could have matched.