Latest VTK Windows binaries

This page will always link to my latest blog post with VTK Windows binaries, so you know you have the most recent ones.  The latest post is:

You might still be interested in the older Python 2.5 builds:

However, if you’re really serious about VTK, ITK and perhaps even a kitchen sink, and you would like the choice between 32bit and 64bit on both Windows and Linux, you should really be looking at the DeVIDE Runtime Environment, or DRE.

16 thoughts on “Latest VTK Windows binaries”

  1. Hi Carl,
    I am working on Brain segmentation and visualization project.
    Since i am not so good with compiling the libraries, would it be possible if you can upload a “Python 2.6.2 enabled VTK 5.4 binaries”…. the problem is that I have ITK wrapper which can only work with Python 2.6.2, so i need the VTK to work with version 2.6.2 also!
    hope you understood my problem, thanks in advance.

    1. I am coincidentally working on this, but I can’t give you an estimate of when they’ll be ready. Keep an eye on my blog, I’ll post there when I’ve uploaded.

  2. Hello,

    I would also be very interested in a python 2.6 version of these.
    Thanks for creating this!

          1. Hi

            Thanks for providing those binaries. I tried it out and it seems it fails for me.

            I am a newbie but I noticed your zip differed from cpbotha’s in the following way:

            after unzipping your zip, the files you get are cpbotha’s files located at:

            however, cpbotha also provides:
            C:\VTK\bin\ and C:\VTK\include\

            Am I missing something? Many thanks.

          2. @Ian:

            It’s probably better to contact Christoph Gohlke directly, I’m not sure he monitors this post for feedback or questions.

            Good luck,

  3. hi Charl

    I was wondering if your multi-threaded VTK changes are available for Linux platform?
    And perhaps not as large as DRE :)

    1. Dear bohdan,

      They are currently only available within the DRE, mostly because if I further fragment my development efforts, I might explode. ;)

      Is it a problem for you to download the whole DRE?

      1. Charl

        Not at all. I have actually tried DRE yesterday. However, my problem with VTK running in a separate thread still persist.
        I am developing UAV testing suite. With this purpose i have Autopilot in one thread, another thread is occupied by monitoring tools and i am trying to add third thread with VTK.
        VTK is using two “observers” working on timer basis; and as soon as i call either “Initialize” or “CreateRepeatingTimer” or “Start” – Vtk window shows up, but:
        – does not respond to mouse movements (image is still)
        – takes the main application thread (possibly GIL?) and only after i click on “close window” – other two threads starts working (while VTK stucks in coma)

  4. Hey I am getting this error:
    >>> import vtk

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 1, in
    import vtk
    File “C:\Program Files\VTK5.4_cpbotha\lib\site-packages\vtk\”, line 41, in
    from common import *
    File “C:\Program Files\VTK5.4_cpbotha\lib\site-packages\vtk\”, line 9, in
    from vtkCommonPython import *
    ImportError: DLL load failed: %1 is not a valid Win32 application.

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