Weekly Head Voices NERD INDEX

The WHV-NI is used to classify posts, and help you to decide if you want to read or not. The NI is a figure out of 5, grading the nerdiness of the post and the minimum nerdiness of the reader.  Below is a handy table:

  • 0/5 – Completely un-nerdy. Never programmed your VCR or PVR before? Not sure what a PVR is? You’re at the right place.
  • 1/5 – Ever so slightly nerdy. You’ve received and successfully opened “e-mail” before.
  • 2/5 – You’re normal, with slight nerdy tendencies that you possibly try to suppress or just to hide. You surf the web often. You use a smartphone, such as a Blackberry or, common sense forbid, an iPhone, that you use regularly.
  • 3/5 – When you see a pocket-protector, or spectacles that have been mended with a plaster, you feel a strange excited stirring that you’re not able to put a finger on. You get all enthusiastic when some new gadget is released, or when a colleague shows you their new Android telephone syncing their stuff with Google and showing all their NI >3 friends moving in real-time on a neat map of the city.
  • 4/5 – You program stuff. When you’re in the neighbourhood, technical sh*t just starts to work. You read blogs. You know and possibly regularly operate an RSS aggregator. You’ve comfortable in at least two different operating systems. You have your own blog.
  • 5/5 – You speak a few words of Klingon.  Linux has no mysteries, you’ve even contributed little bits of the current kernel code. When someone mentions Seven-of-Nine, you get ALL WORKED UP.