Daily Head Voices on Wednesday 2023-12-27

  • Pack up and drive back home
  • Lovely lovely family lunch at The Drydock restaurant in Knysna
  • During the last part of the drive my partner took over, and I could spend some time updating https://github.com/cpbotha/org-roam-similarity to support multi-qa-MiniLM-L6-cos-v1, a much smaller and faster transformer-based similarity model. See https://www.sbert.net/docs/pretrained_models.html for more details.
  • It seems I do always need to be building something. It is one of the building blocks of my well-being.
  • That thought led to me spending some more time thinking about more clearly defining my personal values. You could take a look at the personal life systems I wrote up at the start of 2021. They are the backbone of everything, while my personal values are a list of more concrete priorities that cover different subsets of my life systems.