Visual Boy. [Weekly Head Voices #60]

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this, the sixtieth edition of the Weekly Head Voices!

I know that I’m terribly late, so I imagine that you’ve probably missed my incoherent babbling. To try to make up for this, allow me to present you with this YouTube clip of me babbling almost coherently for 20 minutes! In week 41 I had the privilege of giving an invited talk to an audience of 100+ medical imaging geniuses at the yearly symposium of the Netherlands Forum for Biomedical Imaging in Leiden, and the whole thing was recorded by the artist formerly known as fpixel:

If you’re not into academic talks, I suggest the following YouTube clips as alternative entertainment: First, the new Avengers trailer resulted in the accute arrest of my teenage comic book fanboy heart. Besides all the superheroes (SUPERHEROES!) some Next Level Human Being (NLHB) opted for Nine Inch Nails as soundtrack! The previous time I gushed this much about a trailer, was with Iron Man 1 and their choice of Black Sabbath, and you of course remember how that turned out.

Second, do you remember that dude in the really terrible Police Academy movies who could make like a million sound effects WITH ONLY HIS MOUTH? His name is Michael Winslow, and with the following clip he has completely redeemed himself:

So now let’s get back to talking about me.

I grew up eating science fiction books for breakfast, lunch and dinner and dessert. I was one of those strange kids who used to read secretly under the covers (with the backlight I ripped off my microscope of course. yes, I owned a microscope you jock.) whilst I was supposed to sleep. Please try to imagine what it was like when I read last week that Virgin Galactic has just finished building Earth’s first commercial spaceport. People, we have our first frikking spaceport, you know, where spaceships take off and come to land!

We’re living in a science fiction novel.

Finally, Genetic Offspring #1 officially learnt how to tie her shoelaces on Tuesday, October 11, 2011. Genetic Offspring #2 started feeding herself four days after that. Now that’s amazing.