Godzilla. [Weekly head voices #21]

Part of this post, looking back on week 16 of 2010, was produced in a (I wish I could say speeding) train with my aging Nokia E71 tethered (by bluetooth) to my netbook. The T-Mobile unlimited mobile internet package is unfortunately still limited to 384 Kbit/s (see my speedtest.net results), but I’m attached to it for its reasonable policy on internet use outside of NL.

In any case, during the past week I enjoyed 14 hours of meetings and completed 22 GTD tasks spread over 11 projects. I also tasted fresh lamp-post for the first time, and it was delicious:

Just when you thought your town square was safe! (Photo credits go to the remarkable and mysterious fpixel.wordpress.com.)

The occasion for my Lilliputian culinary adventure was Peter Krekel’s participation in the Baby Tycoon entrepreneurship competition semi-finals with his start-up, Clinical Graphics. After an absolutely killer presentation, Clinical Graphics and one other of the top-notch contestants were selected to go through to the finals.  Read all about it in the CG press release.

In a move completely surprising even myself, I have nothing more to say.  There’s currently some hectic pre-storm quiet which I have to appreciate…

6 thoughts on “Godzilla. [Weekly head voices #21]”

  1. [quote] There’s currently some hectic pre-storm quiet which I have to appreciate…[/quote]
    Enjoy it, while it still can. Later you’ll think back to this week with nostalgic feelings :).

  2. How come you even did not post that on facebook? ;-)
    oh, and congrats to your family upgrade … that’s fantastic news.

    cheers, Helmut

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