I have an official course code!

I am currently designing a new master-level course at the TU Delft, creatively named Medical Visualization, and it’s just been assigned an official course code: IN4307. Whooo!

Keep an eye out for IN4307: This 5 ECTS course will run in the 3d period (February to April) of the 2008/2009 academic year and it’s going to rule. I’m integrating more modern educational techniques (thank you TU Delft BKO for the inspiration) in that the whole course will be run as an interactive workshop (I lecture, you immediately try it out on your computer machine), and assessment will be based on weekly practice exercises as well as a more extensive project that will have to be orally defended at the end. In other words, there will be no written exam.

My goal is to produce frikking medical visualisation ninjas that will hit the ground running when deployed in any academic or industrial projects. I have the technology to make you harder, better, faster, stronger, and I’m not afraid to use it.

4 thoughts on “I have an official course code!”

  1. Awesome Charl! Makes me wish I was still a student so I could enroll.

    And cool advertising for your course, but do your students read this blog? Maybe you should make a “Visualisation Ninja” Hyve. ;-)

  2. Hi there Alper!

    You of course have a good point, I am going to have to start thinking seriously about advertising when the time is slightly more ripe. It shouldn’t be too cool (the line between “cool” and “desperate wannabe” is easily crossed) but I do need to try and reach a larger group of students that are candidates for this course.

    Subtly propagating the “medical visualization ninja” meme is probably not a bad way to start…

    P.S. haha, I just checked, googling for “medical visualization ninja” (with visualisation or visualization) yields my blog as the first hit.

  3. Hadn’t really seen that it’s in a year. I don’t know what the status of recording lectures at DUT is these days, but it could be nice if you would record your lectures and self-publish them in a reasonable format.

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